JSW infra share price target 2024,2025,2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

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JSW Infrastructure, a key entity of the JSW Group, made its debut on the stock market on October 3, 2023. Before delving into the potential future share prices, let’s first gather some information about the company. JSW Infrastructure is a prominent player in the infrastructure sector and is known for its diverse portfolio, including ports, terminals, and logistics solutions. With a track record of robust growth and a commitment to innovation, the company has positioned itself as a significant contributor to India’s infrastructure development.

As of now, the current market sentiment and industry trends play a crucial role in shaping the short to medium-term outlook for JSW Infrastructure’s shares. The success of the company in efficiently managing its operations, adapting to market dynamics, and capitalizing on growth opportunities will influence its stock performance.

Jsw Infra Company Share Detail

JSW Infrastructure, established in 2006, stands as a pivotal player in India’s maritime landscape, specializing in port operations. As the country’s second-largest port operator, the company engages in a spectrum of services, including logistics, storage solutions, and cargo handling. Its diverse portfolio encompasses sectors such as iron, sugar, urea, molasses, edible oil, rock phosphate, LPG, and LNG. This broad array of activities underscores JSW Infrastructure’s integral role in facilitating the seamless movement and management of crucial commodities. With a focus on excellence, the company has become synonymous with reliability and efficiency in the dynamic realm of infrastructure and logistics.

Fundamentals of Jsw Infra

Market Cap₹42,910 Cr
P/E Ratio58.24%
Industry P/E24.28
Debt to Equity0.63
Return to Equity21.45
Year range₹142.20 – ₹220.00

Net-Profit Margin

JSW Infrastructure has not only witnessed a remarkable doubling of its revenue in the last three years but has also demonstrated an impressive threefold increase in profits, showcasing its adept navigation through high-profit-margin ventures. The company’s financial performance speaks volumes, with reported profits of Rs 285 Cr, Rs 330 Cr, and a substantial Rs 750 Cr in the respective past three years, underscoring its prowess in maximizing returns in the ever-evolving business landscape.

2021₹1,604 CR₹285 CR
2022₹2,273 CR₹330 CR
2023₹3,195 CR₹750 CR

Share Holding Pattern of JSW Infrastructure Share

Share Holding Pattern of JSW Infrastructure as on Sep’ 2023

Mutual Funds2.46%
Foreign Institutions3.64%
Domestic Institutions1.26%

JSW infra share price Live

JSW infra share price target 2024

JSW Infra currently holds a market capitalization of INR 43,743.03 crores, with a net worth of INR 3,934 crores. Despite carrying a substantial debt of INR 3,259.63 crores, the company has displayed resilience by successfully repaying INR 880 crores post the launch of its IPO. Looking ahead, if the company continues its efforts to reduce debt, there is a promising outlook for its future. With an optimistic trajectory, the first target for JSW Infra in 2024 could be around ₹280, reflecting a steady upward trend. Furthermore, with sustained improvements, the second target might even reach ₹310. The successful repayment of a portion of the debt after the IPO launch has instilled confidence in the market, hinting at a positive trajectory for JSW Infra’s share price in the coming years.

JSW infra Share Price Target For 2024 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
JSW infra Share Price Target List For 2024

JSW infra share price target 2025

JSW Infra, backed by the notable leadership of Mr. Sajjan Jindal and the Sajjan Family Trust, has been making significant strides in both its net worth and asset portfolio. Currently boasting a net worth of INR 3,934 crores and a robust asset base of INR 9,450 crores, the company exhibits a promising outlook for the future. With a consistent upward trajectory in both net worth and assets, JSW Infra is poised to maintain its operational prowess in the coming years. This positive trend is reflected in the share market, where JSW holds a reasonable valuation, positioning itself as a noteworthy player alongside other major entities. As the third port listed on exchanges after Adani Port and Gujrat Pipavav Port, JSW Infrastructure is establishing itself as a key contender in the industry. Given its current trajectory, the share price target for JSW Infra in 2025 seems optimistic, with the first target projected at ₹325 and the second at ₹360, showcasing the company’s potential for continued growth and value creation.

JSW infra Share Price Target For 2025 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
JSW infra share price target list 2025

JSW infra share price target 2026

JSW infrastruture Share Price Target For 2026 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
JSW infrastruture Share Price Target list For 2026

JSW infra share price target 2027

JSW infra Share Share Price Target For 2027 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
JSW infra share price target list 2027

JSW infrastructure share price target 2030

JSW Company, boasting a robust production capacity of 100 million tons per annum (MTPA), is gearing up for an ambitious threefold expansion in the future. This expansion plan is not just about increasing quantity but also about innovation. The company is actively engaged in introducing cutting-edge technologies, particularly investing heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This strategic move is expected to redefine the company’s operations and bring about transformative changes in its workflow.

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As we look forward to the year 2030, the company’s investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning appears poised to yield substantial dividends. With a focus on staying at the forefront of technological advancements, JSW aims to achieve impressive targets. The projections suggest a first target of ₹650 and a second target of ₹780. The company’s commitment to embracing the future with innovation positions it for significant growth, making these targets a realistic and exciting prospect for investors.

JSW infrastructure Share Share Price Target For 2030 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
JSW infrastructure Share Share Price Target List For 2030


JSW Infrastructure has witnessed substantial growth in recent times, particularly in the port sector, where it has demonstrated consistent revenue generation over an extended period. The company’s positive trajectory aligns well with the Indian government’s dedicated emphasis on infrastructure development and its continuous efforts to boost the export of goods. As the government actively supports and invests in initiatives to enhance the country’s infrastructure, JSW Infrastructure is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities. The company’s strategic presence in the port sector positions it favorably to contribute significantly to the government’s vision, making it a key player in India’s expanding infrastructure landscape.

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What is the target of JSW Infra share in 2024?

share price targets for JSW Infra in 2024 are estimated to be between ₹280 and ₹310, indicating a potential growth trajectory during that period. Investors should monitor market dynamics and company performance for a more accurate assessment closer to the specified timeframe.

Can I buy JSW Infra shares?

Embark on your investment journey with JSW Infrastructure by seamlessly acquiring shares through Groww. Simply create a demat account, complete the hassle-free KYC verification process online, and unlock the gateway to smart and convenient stock trading.

What will be the share price of JSW in 2030?

Predicting precise share prices for the future, such as in 2030, is inherently uncertain and depends on numerous unpredictable factors. However, based on the provided information, the estimated share price range for JSW in 2030 is projected to be between ₹650 and ₹780. Investors are advised to stay updated on market trends and the company’s performance for more accurate predictions closer to the specified timeframe.


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