IRFC Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027,2028, 2029, 2030, 2035, 2040

IRFC Share Price Target – Hello Friends, if yo are looking to invest your money share market, navigating the plethora of investment options can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. In this discourse, we aim to unravel the potential advantages of a specific stock, offering insights that could guide your investment decisions and illuminate the path to financial growth. IRFC. With a robust growth trajectory, this company emerges as a compelling long-term choice. Delve into its history and comprehensive business structure for informed decision-making. Uncover IRFC Share Price Target 2024, 2025,2026, 2027,2028, 2029, 2030, 2035, and 2040, guiding you towards a strategic and advantageous investment.

IRFC Company Limited Overview

IRFC stands as a unique financial entity, intricately woven into the fabric of India’s railway landscape, with the President of India as its sole shareholder and a dedicated Board of Directors appointed by the Government of India steering its operations. Specializing in diverse financial instruments, from tax-free bonds to masala bonds, IRFC plays a pivotal role in facilitating the growth and modernization of Indian Railways by providing crucial financial assistance and lease financing for the acquisition and development of essential rolling stock assets and railway infrastructure.

Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) has played a pivotal role in supporting the ambitious development initiatives of Indian Railways since its inception in 1986. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, IRFC has emerged as a significant financial institution within the finance loading industry. Under the leadership of Ms. Amitabh Banerjee as the Chairman, the company has become a key player in mobilizing funds and resources to facilitate the growth of Indian Railways.

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In 2021, IRFC marked a significant milestone with its initial public offering (IPO), allowing it to further enhance its financial capabilities and contribute to the continued progress of Indian Railways. The IPO reflects the confidence of investors in the company’s strategic role and its potential for growth.

The market Cap of IRFC, currently standing at ₹1,29,746 crores, is indicative of its financial strength and standing in the market. This valuation underscores the trust placed in the company by investors and stakeholders alike.

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Fundamental Analysis of Indian Railway Finance Corporation

Market Cap1,29,182Cr.
Current Price₹ 99.35
52-wk High₹ 104.10
52-wk Low₹ 25.40
Stock P/E21.28
Book Value₹ 36.5
ROCE5.32 %
ROE14.7 %
Face Value₹ 10.0
P/B Value2.54
OPM99.5 %
EPS₹ 4.64
Debt₹ 4,06,443 Cr.
Debt to Equity8.52
Primary ExchangeNSE
Fundamental Analysis of IRFC

IRFC Share Holding Pattern

Indian Railway Finance Corp Shareholding Pattern in September 2023 is Below-

Retail and Others10.88%
Foreign Institutions1.14%
Others Domestic Institutions 1.12%
Mutual Funds0.50%
IRFC Share Holding Pattern List Sep 2023

IRFC Share Price Live Chart And History Last Five Year

IRFC Share Price Live

IRFC Share Price Target Table 2024-2050

YearMinimum TargetMaximum Target
2024₹ 115₹ 125
2025₹ 120₹ 145
2026₹ 135₹ 152
2027₹ 160₹ 185
2028₹ 200₹ 220
2029₹ 240₹ 255
2030₹ 300₹ 365
2035₹ 650₹ 680
2040₹ 900₹ 990
2045₹ 1200₹ 1350
2050₹ 1600₹ 1800
IRFC Share Price Prediction Table 2024-2050

IRFC Share Price Target for 2024

In the mid-term horizon, IRFC is expected to benefit from the completion of ongoing projects and the initiation of new ventures. This phase may witness a surge in demand for railway financing, translating into a favorable share price trajectory. Investors eyeing a medium-term horizon could find IRFC an attractive proposition during this period. in the 2024 my first target is ₹ 115 and maximum target is ₹ 125.

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price Target For 2024 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
IRFC Share Price Target Table for 2024

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price Prediction 2025

Embracing a long-term investment strategy with IRFC promises a compelling journey of financial growth. With a generous annual dividend yield exceeding four percent, shareholders enjoy consistent returns, fostering a profitable synergy. As the sands of time sift through, projections suggest a soaring IRFC share price, aiming for a remarkable ₹ 145 by 2025. This upward trajectory underscores the potential for substantial gains and reinforces the allure of sustained investment in this flourishing enterprise.

IRFC Share Price Target For 2025 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
IRFC Share Price Target Table For 2025

IRFC Share Price Target 2026

Despite the inherent susceptibility of government-owned entities like IRFC to fluctuations in share prices due to shifts in policies governing railway and infrastructure development, the trajectory of IRFC shares has defied expectations by exhibiting a consistent and upward trend. in year of 2026 my first target is ₹ 135 and maximum target is ₹ 152.

IRFC Share Price Prediction For 2026 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
IRFC Share Price Target Table 2026

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price Target 2027

In the fiscal landscape of 2027, IRFC’s resilient operating margin of 91.7 percent, despite a dip in net profit and total income, stands as a testament to the astuteness of its financial management. As total assets under administration soar by 17.6 percent to an impressive INR 3.84 lakh crore, unveiling a robust growth potential, market analysts project IRFC’s share price to oscillate between a minimum of ₹160 and a maximum of ₹185, reflecting the company’s enduring strength and promising trajectory.

IRFC Share Price Target For 2027 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
IRFC Share Price Prediction Table For 2027

IRFC Share Price Target 2028

Investor enthusiasm for IRFC shares is soaring, fueled by the company’s robust profitability. With a track record of delivering substantial profits multiple times, IRFC has become a magnet for investments. As the company continues its impressive earnings streak, investors are eyeing significant gains. Projections for the year 2028 suggest a compelling share price target for IRFC, with an anticipated range between a minimum of ₹200 and a maximum of ₹220, reflecting the market’s confidence in its sustained financial success.

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Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price Target For 2028 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price Target Table For 2028

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price Target For 2029

Anticipating a steadfast ascent, I project a floor for IRFC’s share price at a resilient ₹240 in 2029, while aiming for the skies with a lofty ceiling at ₹255 for optimal growth on the financial horizon.

IRFC’s Share Price Target For 2029 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
IRFC’s Share Price Target List For 2029

IRFC Share Price Target 2030

Looking towards the end of the decade, the long-term growth potential of IRFC becomes more evident. As the Indian Railways expands its network and upgrades infrastructure, IRFC is poised to play a vital role in funding these endeavors. The company’s strategic importance and financial stability make it a compelling choice for investors with a patient approach.

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IRFC Share Price Target For 2030 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
IRFC Share Price Target List For 2030

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price Target 2035

In the dynamic landscape of 2035, IRFC’s trajectory is poised for remarkable ascent, with a projected share price target set to surpass ₹650. Fueled by a synergistic partnership with a rapidly burgeoning associate, IRFC is not merely a stock but a beacon for investors seeking forward momentum. As the company and its strategic ally flourish, the synchronized growth is bound to elevate both their profits, offering investors an enticing vista of success and prosperity.

IRFC Share Price Target For 2035 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
IRFC Share Price Target Table For 2035

IRFC Share Price Prediction For 2040

In the long run, envisioning IRFC’s role in the year 2040 involves understanding the sustained growth in India’s transportation sector. The company’s financial foresight and its alignment with the national agenda for comprehensive railway development position it as a potential wealth creator for investors with a multi-decade investment horizon.

IRFC Share Price Target For 2040 As Follows:

Year1st Target2nd Target
IRFC Share Price Target List For 2040

Future Of IRFC Share

IRFC (Indian Railway Finance Corporation) is positioned at the intersection of several key factors that could influence its future performance, both positively and negatively:

  1. Indian Railways’ Infrastructure Plans:
    Positive Impact: The ambitious plans of Indian Railways for infrastructure improvement and expansion present a significant opportunity for IRFC. The demand for financing services is likely to surge as the railways undertake modernization projects.

2. Government Regulations and Policies:
Risk Factor: Changes in government policies, especially in areas such as tax rates, interest rates, and lending policies, can impact IRFC’s business and profits. Adapting to evolving regulatory environments will be crucial for sustained success.

3. Competition from Other Financial Institutions:
Challenge: IRFC faces competition from various financial institutions, including commercial banks and NBFCs, all vying to finance India’s railway projects. Strategic positioning and innovative financial offerings will be vital to maintaining a competitive edge.

4. Market Volatility and Economic Conditions:
Risk Factor: Economic fluctuations and market volatility can affect the cost of borrowing for IRFC. Adverse economic conditions may impact its capacity to borrow funds, emphasizing the need for robust risk management strategies.

5. Technological Advancements in Railways:
Adaptability Challenge: The Indian Railways’ adoption of technological innovations, especially in track-related and rolling stock assets, can influence IRFC’s business model. Staying abreast of technological advancements and adapting financing strategies accordingly will be essential.

In navigating these dynamics, IRFC should focus on:

  • Strategic Agility: Being adaptable to changes in government policies, market conditions, and technological advancements.
  • Innovation in Financing: Developing innovative financing solutions to stay competitive in the market.
  • Risk Management: Implementing effective risk management strategies to mitigate the impact of economic fluctuations and market uncertainties.

A holistic approach that considers these factors will be instrumental in ensuring IRFC’s resilience and sustained growth amid the evolving landscape of the Indian Railways sector.


Dear readers, it is essential to clarify that we are not authorized by any financial regulatory authority, including but not limited to SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The content presented on this platform is intended solely for informational and educational purposes and should not be regarded as financial advice or endorsements of specific stocks. Our share price predictions are provided for reference and should be interpreted with caution.

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Please be aware that these predictions are contingent upon positive market conditions and do not account for uncertainties regarding a company’s future or the overall market climate. The accuracy of these forecasts can fluctuate due to changing circumstances.

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What is the company’s strategy for future growth?

Understand IRFC’s strategic plans and initiatives for future growth. This could include expansion into new markets, diversification of services, or partnerships that enhance its business prospects.

What is the current valuation of IRFC shares?

Evaluate the current valuation of IRFC shares by considering key valuation metrics like Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio, Price-to-Book (P/B) ratio, and Dividend Yield. Compare these metrics with industry averages to assess if the stock is undervalued or overvalued.

What Is The IRFC Share Price Target In 2024?

In the anticipated landscape of 2024, market analysts foresee IRFC’s share price soaring to around ₹ 125, painting a potential bull’s-eye on the horizon for investors.

What Is The IRFC Share Price Target In 2025?

By 2025, market analysts anticipate an ascent in the IRFC share price, aiming for a target around ₹ 145, outlining a promising trajectory for potential investors.

What Is The IRFC Share Price Target In 2030?

By 2030, IRFC’s share price is anticipated to ascend to around ₹ 365, painting a bullish trajectory for investors eyeing substantial growth in the coming years.

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